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Lord Electric & Control offers cutting-edge technology and rock-solid industrial knowledge to put YOU in control! Remotely and wirelessly control and monitor nearly any process with high reliability. Precise digital control will save you time, energy, fuel and waste, while helping protect the environment we all need to live and work. Get the information you need, and put smart automation to work for you!
Precise control and monitoring of your operation isn't just an option anymore, it's what you need to get the most from all that hard work and planning. Just knowing the current state of everything, will take the guessing and worry down to a minimum. Lord Electric and Control will tailor systems to fit, with future expandability inherent in its digital, wireless design.   Wireless versatility and expandability.
Proven high reliability and accuracy.
Data logging and history graphing.
Equipment operating status and alerts!.
Automatic maintenance schedules.
Reduced equipment wear and tear.
Major savings on fuel/energy/time!