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To have a complete picture, you'll need to know what going on right here, right now! With weather information at your fingertips now days it's easier to react and plan each necessary step. Local conditions should include instant weather and reservoir level data from an accurate reading where it matters the most. With the latest climate sensing technology you'll have a complete view of current and developing conditions for your unique location. Seeing the relation of weather service info with your own weather station data, will make it easier to understand the complete picture!
Integrating the latest climate monitoring technology is easy with compact, reliable electronic weather stations. No moving parts to maintain and digital network accuracy, displayed in a graphical view along with all the other important information you need. We install and setup precision, long lasting weather and water level sensors in any areas you want to monitor.   Fully electronic sensors for consistent accuracy.
No moving parts to maintain or calibrate.
Compact single mount unit for simple installation.
Precipitation including type and intensity.
Temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.
Ultrasonic wind speed and direction in one sensor.
Tuff long life design can handle extreme conditions.
No need for special enclosures or shelters.