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The only way to achieve optimal production yield, is to give your crop exactly what it wants! And, the only way to know what it needs, is to have accurate real-time information from right where they live. Having a complete view of temperature readings and soil moisture conditions will help you understand the dynamics of your fields. Reducing the "unknowns" is the smartest way to protect your huge investment!
Using industrial standard wireless data radios, with the latest temperature and moisture sensing probes, you'll have a portable flexible monitoring system. Each unit is mounted on a stand you simply place where you want, insert the soil moisture sensor and adjust the height of the temperature probe. Easily move them around until you find the desired location.   Full one-watt radios have impressive range.
Fast reporting rates are as real-time as it gets.
Multi-hop radios can communicate around obstructions.
Fully reprogrammable for new locations or sensors.
Fast reaction covered temperature sensing probes.
Up to one hundred can work together simultaneously.
Long life batteries with optional solar charging panels.
100% corrosion proof with weather protecting shield.