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Starting irrigation pumps can be a tedious, wasteful process. Warm-up, pipe-fill, throttling and watching pressure are important necessary steps to prevent damage and to prolong the life of expensive and critical equipment. This is not a job for a person, it's a job perfectly suited for a digital controller. It can do it better than you can. Sorry!
We install a special Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to start and monitor your pump. The PLC is fast, and accurate, so it can read the RPM, oil pressure, coolant temperature and output (mainline) pressure continuously. It reacts in a fraction of a second, and sends all the information to a main controller in your home, shop or vehicle. Your main controller(s) sends commands to pumps and displays important information in variety of ways.   Press start, that's it!
Auto-start based on a schedule/moisture/weather.
Alarm & shutdown on any faults or problems detected.
Quickly detects pressure changes and pipe failures.
Continuous communication with main controller.
Wireless radios provide greater lightning immunity.
Pump house radios can also act as range extenders.
No more digging around or repairing sensor wires.
Sensor data can be analyzed to spot trouble early.